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The PRESTIGE RAZOR made a good BOWL like this is designed so that it gets the best possible lather. There are many designs that can do that, this manufacturer has quite a few, but they all allow enough space to move the brush around and let the lather build up. The size of these products matters, particularly if you need it to accommodate a favorite cake. This one is a bit on the smaller side, so you'll want to keep that in mind. It is, however, 3D diameter inside, and that will fit the majority of cakes out there. This works just as well with cream, so you also have that option.

  •  Alloy and Stainless steel material is durable and easy to clean.
  • Top grade stainless steel, sturdy & durable, not easy to be broken and out of shape.
  • Lathering in a bowl keeps your bathroom cleaner, and soap off your hands.
  • The bowl has been specially designed to maxi-miser the use of your shaving soap, so that you can get the perfect lather with minimal soap use.
  • The metal composition also means that it absorbs and retains heat easily, meaning you get the warm lather you desire. Warm lather is key to amplifying your shaving experience.
  • The flat base provides perfect stability, and the bowl is hand sized for ease of handling.
  • The secret to a creamy lather is the amount of moisture added. This bowl will give you a lot of control over your lather’s richness due to its captive environment.
  • Not only does a bowl enable you to build the perfect lather, you don't have to repeat the process in between passes. Once your lather is created, it's there and ready to rock and roll whenever you need it.
  •  It's super easy to give your bowl a quick rinse along with your brush after shaving. And the stainless steel of our shaving bowl means you don't need to worry about rust.

Brush ring diameter: 27.5mm

Brush ring opening: 26mm

Razor ring diameter: 13mm

Razor opening: 11mm

Overall height: 140mm

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